How To Make A Post

How To Make A Post

The easiest way to make a post on National Referral Club website is to first create your account, then add our “Submit It” button to your browser, then visit your opportunity page or affiliate page using your affiliate link (important so your referrals go to you) then click on the “Submit It” button and your page will be imported to the National Referral Club website and you will be able to add your description ( hint: you can copy and paste any content from your site) and add your image you want your opportunity to be bookmarked by. Selecting add image from website will give you the option to choose any image that is on your website by simply selecting it by scrolling down and clicking on the image you want to use. The image will be imported right from your website, being automatically resized to fit your post perfectly.

Add our “Share It” button to your website and get more eyeballs on your opportunity.

Help our community grow by inviting others to National Referral Club by simply sharing your post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

When you share your post on other social network sites your post will show up on those sites as a clickable advertisement that will bring the viewer to your post on National Referral Club, where they will be able to join our community for free and read your full post and like and share it with others.

If you notice any members that need to be banned for spamming, profanity, hate speech, or any other problematic reasons, please send a message to admin.

If you have any suggestions that would make our website better please post your suggestion under the suggestions category. You will have to post an image with all posts as this is how your posts will be highlighted to be seen, and if you fail to add an image your post will not show up.

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Work From Home – Make More Money



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